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Noticeable stains and foul odors are obvious signs that you may need to shampoo your car's interior. DiVine Shine's interior specialists pre-treat heavy stains on the car's carpet and upholstered seats where needed. We use a leading shampoo for the remainder of the service, soaking up extra moisture as we work. You can trust that we'll handle the job down to the last detail and ensure that you're left with a showroom finish.

interior shampoo
frequently asked questions

What is included with an interior shampoo service?

At DiVine Shine, we include an exterior wash and complete full interior shampoo, which includes the dashboards, seats, door jams, ceiling, carpet mats, floors and every single area inside your vehicle.

What kind of chemicals are used?

All of our chemicals are completely non toxic. At DiVine Shine, we have a special chemical we use for each of our services that we offer. We have high & low ph soaps, tire cleaners, low acids for wheels and rust, clay bars for difficult to remove stains and gunk like sap and tar.

How long does it take to shampoo the interior of my car?

Depending on the time of the year, it generally takes about one hour to clean and a couple of hours for drying time.