Our Services


DiVine Shine is Quincy, IL's highest quality auto wash. We offer a variety of services that all work to protect your vehicle's finish and value. From hand washing and drying your vehicle to buffing out scratches and polishing them to perfection, DiVine Shine works with a variety of vehicles to give them that showroom finish.

For the best value, we highly recommend checking out our signature full detail service, which offers all our incredible services in one package!

Car Wash Services - Quincy IL

(includes exterior wash & vacuum - takes approximately 30 minutes)

Cars - 2 or 4 door


SUV & Regular Pickups


Regular Extended Cab Trucks

Wash and Shine Auto Detailing - Quincy IL

(service takes approximately 3 hours)

Cars - 2 or 4 door


SUV & Pickup Trucks


Extended Cab & Work Fleet Trucks

Mobile Wash Unit - Quincy IL

(prices increase by the foot of the RV)

Wash & Wax


Wash, Wax & Vacuum


Complete detail

Ultimate Car Wash - Quincy IL

Car washes only - no pickup or delivery

$75 / month

Business Accounts

DiVine Shine is committed to providing our fellow business owners with solutions that make sense. We do great work on commercial company vehicles, so give us a call to get a quote for your vehicle or fleet today. You'll be pleased with our flat rates!

Fully insured pickup and delivery services are available for The Shine services upon request. Don’t forget gift certificates are available for all occasions, just swing by our office to pick one up today!